Open Streets Boston

As the Lead Designer for Open Streets Boston I was responsible for the branding, design, and production of all print and digital graphic collateral.

Open Streets Boston is a series of five events throughout the summer months that help people experience streets as public spaces where communities thrive. City streets transform into vibrant, pedestrian friendly boulevards where people can dream, play, and explore.

Event Branding

Accessibility was a priority for this event. High-contrast colors and large text made sure the information was legible for all.

I created a unique collage for each neighborhood to differentiate each event and represent their diversity.

Digital Marketing

Open Streets was promoted across all social media channels and paid web ads. This required all of the marketing to be adaptable to a wide variety of sizes.

Print Marketing

These events were marketed widely across the city. I created bus shelter ads, lawn signs, banners, and mailer cards that were sent out to residents.

MBTA Bus Shelter Ad

Mailer Cards 

Lawn signs were distributed around the city

A large fence sign posted up to promote the Jamaica Plain Open Streets event


Event Maps

I created maps for each event - detailing the route and the different zones to help participants find their way around. These were posted to social media and handed out during the event.

Event Signage + Wayfinding

The events spanned miles of streets and signage was posted all along the way to guide attendees. Signs helped people find their way and informed them of the rules of the route.