Beyond Shields

Beyond Shields offers personalized face shields that protect the wearer while allowing them to express their identity.

Working with the founder of Beyond Shields I crafted a logo and brand identity that helped them stand out in the PPE market.

Process Work

To begin, we identified the initial target demographic: tattoo artists. Their work relies heavily on personal identity and visual branding and they work closely with clients, making them a likely early-adopter of personalized face shields.I created moodboards for the two spaces Beyond Shields was trying to bridge: the aesthetically rich world of tattoos and the sterile world of medical equipment.

The brand of Beyond Shields lay somewhere between these two extremes.

The messaging of Beyond Shields is all about identity and personality.

I began collecting logos with character and examples of bold and solid type with personality. 

These moodboards served as a jumping off point with the client.

During our discussion, the client expressed that he liked the overall direction but wanted to make sure the logo felt trustworthy and not too whimsical. Based on that feedback, I created this final moodboard and began sketching.

After playing around with various typographic possibilities and creating a multitude of faces with varying levels of abstraction, I arrived at a face shield icon that had a nice balance of simplicity, friendliness, and felt relatable.