Buoy Boy

I built buoy boy while at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on the 2021 MassArt Alumni Retreat. I found the buoy on the rocks on my first morning there. I took it to the wood shop and used wood scraps to build and carve out legs for it.


Womb Shelter

A large inflated structure made by binding sheets of plastic together with a soldering iron and filling it with air using a box fan.

The Womb Shelter is a return to childhood safety and comfort. Inside of it are stuffed animals and books, russian and english, from my childhood. In the background, a recording of my mother reading an entry from my great-grandmother’s journal recounting the days and weeks surrounding my birth plays.

The Womb Shelter was part of the Body Language exhibit at Dorchester Art Projects

Views from Inside

Process Slideshow

Side Table

A small wooden side table designed, fabricated, and used by me.

Materials: wood, screws, and just a bit of wood glue