Beyond Shields’ Logo

focus: logo design
timeline: 4 weeks

Beyond Shields offers personalized face shields that protect the wearer while allowing them to express their identity. The founder came to me during the business development stage to craft a logo that reflects the brand’s values.

Company Vision

We value freedom of expression of all individuals and the improved community health that results from face shield usage.  Our belief is that by providing a face shield that is comfortable to wear and provides a fun means of self-expression by the wearer will result in more shield utilization and a better all-around experience.

mock-ups of the logo and branding on products


The initial target demographic of the product was to be tattoo artists. Their work relies heavily on personal identity and visual branding and they work closely with clients, making them a likely early-adopter of personalized face shields.

Taking that into consideration - I began my process by creating some moodboards of tattoo aesthetics. I also created a moodboard of some of the largest medical corporation logos as well as existing options for custom face shields.

The brand of Beyond Shields lay somewhere between these two extremes.

The messaging of BeyondShields is all about identity and personality - so it seemed logical to try and use a face in the logo. As for the type, we wanted something that was bold and solid, but with personality. I created these two moodboards as jumping off points for discussion with the client.

Final Moodboard

During our discussion, the client expressed that he liked the overall direction but wanted to make sure the logo felt trustworthy and not too whimsical. Based on that feedback, I created this final moodboard and began sketching.

Selected Sketches

After playing around with various typographic possibilities and creating a multitude of faces with varying levels of abstraction, I arrived at a face shield icon that had a nice balance of simplicity, friendliness, and felt relatable. I then moved into the digital realm to create a finalized logo and logotype.

Final Logo

full logotype
logo icons
alternate icons

Isolation Posters

Inspired by the increasing intensity of mundane personal events as a result of being at home all the time, I decided to create event posters and invite everyone to join me. The events are a mix of reactionary outbursts, reminders to self, and aspirational activities.

This poster was the first one I made. I was in a bad mood for some reason that day, and had a bout of spontaneous manic cleaning, after which I felt much better. I was sure that others could benefit from some spontaneous manic cleaning, so I created an event poster as an invitation.

Following in the theme of ways to cope with random onslaughts of bad mood while alone at home, I found that taking a shower in the middle of the day was a great way to have a reset.

This event is more of a preemptive measure for general wellness. I’m a big proponent of doing nothing but am not yet a regular attendee. This poster is an invitation for others to join me in my effort to do nothing more often.

This one was inspired by mothers day and the general increase in phone / video call communication with loved ones. While it’s great to talk to those you love, it can also feel like a burden when the phone rings. This poster acts as a reminder to be the one to initiate communication and do it more often - hopefully making it feel like less of a chore.

Kevin Bennett Logotype

focus: logo design
timeline: 2 weeks

Kevin Bennett Moore (b. 1996) is a recent graduate with Departmental Honors from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (BFA '20) in Boston. His self-portrait based projects largely discuss queerness by utilizing the past to talk about current politics. Moore is influenced greatly by films of the 1950s & 60s, gender performativity, and ideals of mid-century American culture.

Kevin came to me to design a custom logotype inspired by mid-century aesthetics but with a modern feel to use as a brandmark for his photography portfolio.

final logotype + icon


I began by researching and collecting imagery to draw inspiration from. 

Sources included car monographs, architecture, vintage advertisements, props from Kevins photographs, mid century textile patterns, and screenshots from Mad Men.

Selected Sketches

After exhaustive sketching, I came to these two directions with slight variations. Kevin preferred the more geometric and streamlined look, and wanted it to be bolder and bear more resemblance to the sleekness of a car monograph.

A peek into my illustrator file shows a bit of the evolution of the logotype to it’s final form.

Greater Boston Real Estate Board 

As one of two graphic designers for the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, I worked with event organizers to conceptualize, brand, and create signage and print materials for large scale fundraisers and gala events. I also designed content across social media platforms to promote webinars, talks, and educational events.   

GBREB consists of 5 different divisions, each serving different sectors of the real estate industry, and each with its own branding and marketing needs. Below is a selection of work done for the different divisions. 

CBA Achievement Awards

Event Branding + Marketing

event banner

large foamcore signs displayed at the event venue

program booklet

event invitation


Event Branding + Marketing

large event banner

sticker designs

stickers for branded wine bottles and gift boxes

Other Event Branding